tranceFormation is a collaborative interdisciplinary performance experience that examines the ways humans are affected mentally, physically, and emotionally by trance-inducing or Minimal music. The open-ended, ongoing project merges music, dance, and visuals in order to interrogate hierarchical narratives and discover spaces of expression/agency within the "classical music" world.


The project consists of an original score for an open-ended chamber ensemble, interpretive choreography by two or more dancers, and visual projections that suffuse the stage/space with ambient light, color, and design, contributing to the trance-inducing environment. The performance is roughly one hour in length.


Concept -

Musical minimalism can be succinctly defined as music that reduces the sense of formal or harmonic “progression,” instead focusing on single sonorities and repetitive rhythms. The music’s steady pulse and immersive sound can produce a state of trance, or even hypnosis, in the listener.


Yet what is the nature of this “trance” induced by Minimal music? Are the pulsing, repetitive rhythms and sonorities antagonizing to the listener, limiting her or his concentration and sense of self? Or can we understand the music as an invitation to inhabit different, potentially enlightened states of consciousness, where new and authentic facets of identity can be explored? Is it the very antagonizing nature of Minimal music that galvanizes us to seek ways of reclaiming our sense of individual agency?


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