Presented at culmination of becomebecome Residency, June 27, 2018

Notes on concept:


I am interested in expounding a definition of “origin” that can be universally accessed; a sense of rooted-ness that expands beyond the boundaries of our individual egos and beyond time on a human scale. My proposed project, cycle[s], investigates cyclic movement across disciplines, combining electronically-processed sound recordings, found sculptural artifacts, and live performative painting in an immersive installation. Through the repetition and layering of audio-visual elements, I aim to evoke the same kinds of cyclic processes found in nature, in the cosmos, and within all of us, examining the timelessness resulting from continuous transformation. Envisioned as an ongoing, site-specific series of performances, this first iteration of cycle[s] will reflect the surrounding Sardinian environment in order to articulate a clear, yet boundless, sense of place.


Upon commencing the residency, I will explore the surrounding landscape, listening, observing, capturing audio recordings, and collecting found objects. The garnered materials will provide content and inspiration for the project’s subsequent development: using Ableton Live, I will distort and transform audio samples into ambient, mesmerizing soundscapes; likewise, found sculptural artifacts will be installed in the exhibition space. Come performance time, the installation will feature live painting by two or more people in response to the fixed media, adding an interactive interpretive layer to the piece.  


The processes of the known universe are marked by cycles—from the orbit of galaxies to the heartbeat of living things—moving constantly and at vastly different rates. We as humans have characteristically mistaken our existence in time as linear, forward progression, as if separate from the physics of our environment. With cycle[s], I hope to discover new ways we can reconnect to our shared origins by engaging deeply with the sweet stillness of our world’s ritual movements.