August 18, 8 PM at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY: 

Anthem, presented by Black Box Ensemble, featuring works by Paul Novak, Sato Matsui, and George Lewis:



August 19, 1-5 PM at PRACTICE, Yonkers, NY:

Site of Unforgetting opening reception, presented by PRACTICE/curator Banyi Huang, on view Aug 20 - Oct 3

Featuring realization and performance of John Cage's __ , __ Circus on __ and my sound art piece as part of exhibition:



September 8, 7:30 PM at Areté, Brooklyn, NY:

Footprints, presented by KnoxTrio, featuring works by George Crumb, Matthew Burtner, Takashi Yoshimatsu, Victoria Romano, and Ernest Ling, with visual projections by Boy Nirvana:







July 2-8. AFFECT Artistic Residency and Workshop, Berlin, Germany: development and presentation of new works of performance art.

June 19-27. BecomeBecome Transdisciplinary Residency, Sardinia, Italy: exhibition and premiere of original multimedia installation cycle[s]

April 29. Spectrum, Brooklyn, NY: "100 Years of Radical Pianism," solo recital. http://www.spectrumnyc.com/site/calendar.php

April 21. Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY: "100 Years of Radical Pianism," solo recital. 


March 23. Artery House Concert, Brooklyn, NY: "100 Years of Radical Pianism," solo recital.

March 18. Juilliard Music School, New York, NY: performed Sato Matsui's Astor Place for solo piano.

February 27. Artery House Concert, Brooklyn, NY: "Piano Players Showcase," group recital.

February 23. Mirror Tea House, Brooklyn, NY: performed Braam Van Eeden's "Variations on a Theme by Schumann" for piano four hands and cello.